Paper Tubes for (Synthetic) Fibers

  • DTY

Draw Textured Yarn
We mostly produce paper tubes for textured yarn. We are able to rapidly produce paper tubes with dimensions suitable for use with various false-twisting and spinning machine brands. We are highly familiar with Japan’s TMT, MURATA, AIKI, Germany’s BARMAG, and Swiss SSM.

Tubes from internal diameter
40mm – 76mm

  • FDY, POY

Fully Drawn Yarn / Partially Oriented Yarn
We also produce paper tubes for fully drawn yarn and partially oriented yarn. Please contact us directly for details.

Tubes from internal diameter
75mm – 125mm

  • OE

We have been making paper tubes for open end spinning since we started business. Our production technology is mature and the quality of our paper tubes is stable.

Tubes from internal diameter
56mm – 60mm

  • U-Shaped Tubes

U-shaped tubes are our latest mass produced product, and are for use with the TMT ATF-1500 Twin-Pac false-twisting machine.

Tubes from internal diameter
68mm – 75mm

The thickness and length of all of the above DTY, POY, FDY, OE and U-shaped paper tubes are customizable according to customers’ needs. We also offer in-tube printing, various grooving angles and grooving lengths, large and small Y-shaped incisions, corner punching, surface dotting, R&D for new tooling, and R&D for new shades of color.

Paper Tubes for Industrial Use

Production of paper cores for industrial paper rolls, as well as paper tubes for winding or rolling of plastic bags, plastic films, toilet paper, and cultural paper (fine paper), etc.

Tubes from internal diameter
1 Inch – 12 Inch

Thickness and length may be customized to fit customer requirements

Paper Tubes for Packing

We accept both small- and large-sized orders for paper tube packing materials suitable for storing posters, angle struts, balls, linear sliding tracks, threaded rods and screws, worm gears and worms, fluorescent tubes, wine, tea leaves, (ball) bats, etc. Customers may customize the packaging by requesting labels or specifying the appearance and color. We also offer a design service for packaging.

Tubes from internal diameter
1 Inch – 8 Inch

Thickness and length may be customized to fit customer requirements

Special Yarn Paper Pipe

High strength NYLON tube
Japanese and international inspection standards
Taiwan produces high quality export specifications
Currently available ID=30-35mm
Length 200-350mm


We were able to create straws with natural papers,
that was high quality, safe and more durable than
any other paper straw on the market.
Currently available OD=5-13mm
Length 160-240mm